Risen 3 – Fullscreen for 21:9 formats

Risen 3 – Vollbild für 21:9 Formate

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Risen 3 is a relatively new game, nevertheless it isn’t supporting 21:9 formats. Therefore there is no way to change the game to fullscreen mode. Though there is a possibility to start the game in fullscreen mode. The whole thing needs to be done manually but it is easy and simple.

We open the following directory:


Whereas JohnDoe is the username of the Windows-Account. There is a file called:


We open it with a text editor like Notepad. Then we need to find these lines (the lines below can vary, e.g. the Right and Bottom which stands for the resolution we may already set up):

We add the following line to it:


So that it looks like this:

Afterwards we can start Risen 3 in fullscreen mode. Even if the resolution isn’t correct, because 1600*900 pixels is wrong for 21:9 format, the game is being stretched and can use the whole screen.

Have fun playing Risen 3!

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