Space Engineers (Early Access) Review (English)

Space Engineers (Early Access) Review (English)

My story about Space Engineers is not a straight line. It’s more a way with detours.

When I first saw the game probably before January 2014 I ignored it. I saw it on the Steam start page and just thought “mh another early access game that isn’t good”. Normally I’m not a guy with prejudices but with games I am.
When I was a child I bought a game called Breed from Brat Designs. Five guys who programmed a game, made a lot of money and disappeared. That was before we had some kind of a “early access era”.

But in January 2014 I felt boring and just clicked around on the Steam website. I had a deeper look at Space Engineers and thought I could try the game. In this time there was a lot of stuff missing for example survival mode and multiplayer.
But the more updates the game got the more I played it.

After survival mode and multiplayer were added I really liked to play it. But you know, I still think there is a lot of stuff missing. I’m a fan of science-fiction, things like Star Trek and Stargate are my favourites. But there is no really good science-fiction video game. Star Citizen is another cool game but not that was I was searching. A simulation that is almost completely realistic. And then I saw the “mission” of the Keen Software House which is this:

We want to create games that are based on real science, real facts, real physics and real emotions. No magic & fantasy allowed.

So, it’s possible to build cool space ships and space stations as well. But what is this? Can you believe a space ship is flying without programming it? Not really. It’s the same thing with Minecraft: I always wanted to have computer blocks that can be coded with input and output and all the stuff. That is why I was happy to hear about 0x10c. But well “creative block”. Nice excute. Whatever. I know there is Computercraft, a mod for Minecraft but I don’t like mods. Hard to install, can break game and savegame. So.

I followed Space Engineers and Facebook and read the article “Programming in Space Engineers (programmable blocks and HUD)” from Marek Rosa, CEO of Keen Software House. I read the article and from line to line I got happier. Marek Rosa has cool stuff that is planned for Space Engineers and the idea to use C# is cool, too. Maybe it’s because it’s the main language I use for programming but also because I know that VRAGE and Space Engineers are developed in C#/.NET.

I had so many ideas and always felt like: it would be cool to make my own game, with the features I want, things that currently no game on the world has, not a game that I would know about. But that’s to hard to do it alone. But I don’t need to do it anymore I think. I could inspire CEO Marek Rosa with my long comment I wrote belong the article. And he likes some of the ideas I had. For example a GPS Block for position and orientation and the stuff with security, viruses and encryption/decryption.

So I don’t know but I want to speak out a compliment for Keen Software House. A company that is involving their entire community in the development process of their game. And not every company is going to do that.

There need to be factions and maybe bots would be cool too, because there are too many kids destroying ships and stations and for a single player game it would be useful.

But the game is a lot of fun and everyone who likes science-fiction and space ships, battles and so on should give it a try.

What I am going to do currently is working on a big space ship that acts like a whole base: It’s prepared for battle, has space for a lot of ships (small, middle and big ships), can defend itselves with a lot of guns and has a lot of refineries and assemblers for producing items. I used the Ancient ship Destiny for my inspiration and also the Enterprise from Star Trek.
I have some cool ideas and once the programmable blocks and HUD are implemented I can write all my ideas to Space Engineers code and have some fun with it.

I will then post some of my ideas and code for Space Engineers on my blog here.

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