iPhone is recognised in Windows but not in iTunes

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This article was originally written in German on 19. September 2015. It’s directly translated without a change, i.e. here and there some things may sound strange.

iOS 9 is here and I wanted to do a backup from my iPhone because some people had problems before. Just a few days ago my iTunes was still recognising my iPhone without any problems. After the iTunes Update to 12.3 I had problems. It take me a while to figure out the reasons and a solution but I have one. My iPhone was listed as Apple iPhone in Portable Devices in the Device Manager. And here’s the problem because that’s Microsoft’s default driver. In order to get iTunes recognising the iPhone the official Apple Driver is needed instead. Is the Apple Driver installed the iPhone will appear under USB-Controller as Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. If this is not the case it’s easy and fast to install it again.

  1. Open up Device Manager (In Windows 10: Right-Click on the Windows Start symbol and then Device Manager)
  2. Expand Portable Devices and if Apple iPhone is listed there right-click and click Update driver…
  3. Select Browse my computer for driver software
  4. Click Browse… and search for this path:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers
  5. Click Next and wait until installation is done.
  6. iPhone should be recognised in iTunes directly, reboot is not necessary. From now on your iPhone is listed under USB-Controller as Apple Mobile Device USB Driver


  • For a few people, hower, this solution is not working. This might be because the problem is another one. I couldn’t reproduce it and therefore I can’t say anything about it.
  • The Drivers folder is empty in some people’s installation. If this is your case you need to reinstall iTunes. A restart after reinstalling iTunes is recommended.